Is Your Fundraiser Losing Money?

Author: Hayley Sheean  //  Category: Advertising & Marketing

Is your fundraiser making too many mistakes and missing out on potential lucrative funding for your projects? If your signature project is in the black and the donors are tightening their purses, then you are in real trouble. It could mean the end for you and your team. While a fundraising agency can go a long way in arresting decline temporarily, there are several steps that could be contributing to your slow decline which you have to deal with first in order to have a good shot at ensuring sustainability and flow of funds.

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Donor Fatigue: Some charities may only be reaching out to the donors only when they need the funding and then going on a quiet until the next fundraising cycle. If you are doing a fundraising outreach which donors deem to be too self-serving, then they may begin to feel the brunt and will start tightening their purses. If individuals are being solicited by a plethora of charities again and again for some donations, then they will begin to display the symptoms of donor fatigue.

It is important to retune your fundraising approach so that you do not run the risk of sounding just like everyone else asking for money. You can contract a fundraising agency helping charities reach their target market in order to add some focus and gravitas to your fundraising. This will help you in hitting your target market and getting constant donations even as the taps run dry for everyone else.

Failing to Ask for Money: While some charities are so brazen with their fundraising plans, others are just the opposite. They fail to ask for money or fail to ask hard enough. They find it a bit intimidating to be constantly sending requests to donors for some financing. While this is an admirable attitude, it could also cripple your projects if you are not getting financing in order to proceed.

You can contract fundraising agency that does internet on line marketing for charities to bring out your social causes and get donors inspired by your story without necessarily engaging in a business centred pitch for donor financing which generally puts off the donors over time. The best solicitation pitches for fundraising should be measured: be appreciative and do not convey a sense of desperation for financing.  Provide measurable outcomes that show how the money will be spent in order to achieve your objectives.

Low attendee costs: If you have been inviting attendees to your events and charging low ticket fees, maybe it is time to rethink that strategy. Donors too have felt the uptick in consumer spending and will be ready to spend more on ticket prices for the special charity dinners, galas and ceremonies.

If your fundraising events are not generating as much as you would wish, it may also be time to reboot your fundraising events. Trends change and the same applies to the fundraising industry. The kind of event formats which were relevant three decades ago may not be as relevant today. The fundraising team should critically evaluate the event format and decide on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to fundraising. A professional fundraising agency can help you with this review and charity marketing help in order to assist you in increasing the impact of your fundraising.

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