How to Avoid Hitting a Plateau With Your Organic Sales

Author: Hayley Sheean  //  Category: Business Services

Google is constantly undergoing an evolution in its search. The Google algorithm is constantly updating in order to incorporate more qualitative results, but the data that Google shows are also changing constantly. Unless you invest in a robust and very dynamic search engine optimization Boston strategy, chances are that you are going to be left behind by the rapid pace of the changes in the Google search.

It is therefore important to have a proactive searching engine optimization Boston strategy. It is important to understand all the changes that have been happening in search in the last few years and the last few weeks in order to stay at the top of your game. Doing this ensures that your site stays relevant and you are able to make the most of the traffic that you are receiving on your website. To avoid hitting a plateau as far as your search engine optimization Boston Massachusetts strategy goes, there are important things that you need to be familiar with so that you can steer your SEO strategy in the right direction:

Google Wants to Give Relevant Answers to Your Questions

After its Hummingbird update, Google is now able to better understand the meaning of phrases or words that users search for. If your website has authoritative and highly relevant content to what users are searching, the search engine will pull the content from your website and display right at the top of the SERPs and this means a lot of traffic for you as well as the trust factor that you gain from your readers. In order to get this honor from Google, ensure that you have content that answers specific questions about a certain piece of information that users are looking for. Read more here

Translate Your Content for the International Market

If you are hitting a plateau, it could be that you have hit the cap on the size of your market and it is now time to reach a new market. One of the best ways to do this is by translating your content into other languages in order to get a broader market reach. Expanding your site into more languages will not only bring in more readers but it will also exponentially grow the number of your indexed pages which is really good for your SEO. In WordPress, you can do this automatically by installing the plugin Transposh.

Deeplink from the authority websites

Try to build trusted websites and then do some professional pitching for the high authority websites in your niche. This is not always an easy task but where it succeeds, you will get tons of traffic and better search engine rankings for your website. If you need help doing the deeplinking with the high authority websites, you can contract a search engine marketing Boston MA company to assist you with a professional and qualitative linking strategy.

Apply Localized Pages

The localized pages generally rank very well.  Whenever you search for an item, you will realize that Google prioritizes the local companies in your region that offer the service. In order to maximize on this, create localized pages for those regions that you are targeting with your content.

Make Your Site Mobile Compatible

This is another important technique that you can use to reach out to new markets with your content. The website should be highly responsive and it should also be fast-loading. With best search engine optimization Boston partner by your side, you can turn your search engine marketing strategy into one that constantly yields value.

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