Samal Island Philippines—Travel Facts to Keep in Mind

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Davao, Philippines offers just more than what you can imagine. That is why it is suitable for team building trips like the recent ardorable trip to Samal Island Philippines. Aside from the great sandy beaches, you can explore the bat caves of Banga and Balete, cruise around the beaches, or relax in the lush parks. Besides, the island has a chain of celebrations, and you can join in the fun.

All the same, you should keep in mind these travel facts about Samal Island

Best Time to Visit

One of the blessings of the island is the freedom from storms all the year round. The waters are clear and serene. The Ardor SEO team that embarked on an ardorable trip to Samal Island Philippines can confess the serenity of the place. Free from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can spend some quality time with yourself here.

Now, back to the best time to visit, there are a few rain showers and breezy spells. If you want to visit during dry months, schedule your visit between December and May. March is the driest month. If you visit between June and November, expect some rains. The Island is most enjoyable during the sunny periods.

Fun Activities to Enjoy

In addition to its sandy beaches, Samal Island is teeming with fiesta celebrations. The natives call it the Island of Festivals. The team from Ardor SEO Philippines that went on the ardorable trip to Samal Island Philippines must have had a taste of the fun. Some of the festivities include:

·         Hugyaw Madayaw: happens between 29th and 30th August every year

·         Kabasan Festival: a weeklong celebration between 22nd and 29th May

·         Caracoles Festival: falls every 28th and 29th April

·         The Bat Festival: falls every first weekend of August

Where to Stay

Samal Island has various resorts that offer accommodation and entertainment to visitors. For instance, you can stay at the Pearl Farm Beach Resort and enjoy the amazing food and drinks. The rooms are built above the water, making the sea waves music to your ears at night. You also get a fantastic view of the sea.

Where and What to Eat

For your gastronomical needs, you can check in at the Gimmix Restobar. The restaurant is conveniently located in Babak just along the National Highway. Pork barbecue, fried chicken, and fresh seafood are available. Alternatively, visit the Maranao Restaurant and treat yourself to a sizzling buffet meal.

Nightlife in Samal

With its serene surrounding, there is not much to expect in the evenings. However, the place gets vibrant on weekends when disco nights and cultural shows take place. For example, in Pearl Farm, song dances, and traditional plays grace the island. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to spend a night at one of the restaurants, with a breathtaking view of the sea.

The Ardor SEO’s trip to Samal Island Philippines was a great reminder to the team. It revealed the other side of life (aside from work life!) in this sunny part of the globe. You can be part of the experience by joining the Ardor SEO team. Keep in mind that SEO analyst Philippines Samal holiday is just around the corner.

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