The wonders of EPS or Expanded Polystyrene

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From the bucket you use to store water for your morning bath till the waste paper basket you use to throw the day’s trash, you will be using varieties of materials made of plastic in your day to day life. In fact, polystyrene is a commonly used plastic which is available in two formats namely polystyrene solid polystyrene foam. The solid polystyrene is used for making bottles, lids, disposable cutlery and variety of other products. The foam polystyrene is now extensively used in construction as well as in packaging industries. In Australia, the polystyrene foam is used as an effective insulation cable in new as well as in renovated buildings so as to make the building deemed energy efficient.

polystyrene foam

Achieve thermal efficiency:

According to the National Construction Code of Australia, every building should have at least 6-star deemed energy ranking to achieve the mandatory thermal efficiency.  In order to achieve this, foam polystyrene is used so as to prevent air from leaking out of the interior of the building. As a result, it helps to effectively manage the temperature in the interior of the building. By complying with the thermal efficiency standards, you will also be saving a considerable amount of money on your monthly power bill.

Increased demand:

In addition to these, polystyrene foam is now being used to make water sports equipment like surfboards. This highlights the extensive utility of this unique product in the day to day life. All these have increased the demand for polystyrene. As a matter of fact, the global market for this unique foam crossed $1 billion during 2014.

Other extensive utilities:

Some of the manufacturers in Australia have specialized in molding polystyrene foam. Such molded foam products are extensively used in packaging industries. The molding is also done to suit the needs of sports, food and beverages and electronics industries. In fact, this polystyrene foam in Australia is also used in the modern hydroponic gardening process.

Types of foams:

The foam is available in different formats like for example beaded foam, extruded foam, styrofoam and so on. Among all these different categories, the beaded foam is considerably inexpensive and therefore it is considered as one of the cheap polystyrene foams. But, this type of polystyrene is water absorbent. Therefore, manufacturers use fiberglass and exclusive epoxy resin to make this foam water resistant. On the other hand, the extruded foam is used for making certain components for computers and various other types of electronic machineries.

Other types of foams:

In addition to these, there are various other types of foams like myco foam, envirofoam and algae based bio foam. Many of these categories of foams are recycled materials made of EPS. As a result, these foams are considered as eco-friendly.


Further, polystyrene is a light material and it can be conveniently molded as compared to any shape, design and size. Further, polystyrene is economical and therefore it helps you to save a considerable amount of money. Some of the professional manufacturers of polystyrene products like have been introducing varieties of materials made of EPS. You may visit these manufacturers to know more about the products they are manufacturing.

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