Why Using a Cloud Based Payroll System is Better than any other Payroll options?

Author: Hayley Sheean  //  Category: Business and Service

A cloud payroll system makes it easy for the employees to access their payroll system on self-service basis. It takes company resources into consideration and integrates with human capital management (HCM) to provide tension-free payroll system as compared to other payroll options such as in-house payroll team or any third party company. But how exactly does it benefit?

Eliminates the need of in-house payroll team:

With a cloud based system monitoring your whole employee database, there is least requirement of further manpower. In-house payroll system not only costs you financially but also bears future risks of human errors which eat more billable hours of office.

No tension of last date for due tax:

Cloud system calculates the exact amount of tax based on your net income through its quick tax calculator and pays the same to the government on your behalf before the due date. This not only can eliminate the tension of tax payment due dates but also uplift your company’s image as a regular and on time tax payer.

Calculate employee’s pay check in real-time:

The system provides biometric time and attendance clock feature that keeps the update information on any employee’s presence or absence. Hence by logging into personal account, one can get the real time update of his/her salary details thereby avoiding future misunderstandings related to wrong calculations.

Encrypts information:

If you are freelancing the payroll system to any third party company, then there is a fair chance of your sensitive company information to leak outside but with cloud payroll system, the data are transferred and stored in a cloud based system and are encrypted with high security keys.

Information can be accessed from a mobile

Cloud software is programmed to run compatible in all devices such as mobile, tab, laptop, desktop etc. Hence, even with a 5.5 inch mobile screen, a company can carry out the payment process and can access the payroll information of its whole company.

Provides strong data security:

No matter how sensitive your data are, manual operation and maintenance can risk towards the security breach, but with cloud based system all information will be hosted through mirror servers across multiple locations thereby eliminating the chance of any third party encroachment.

Helps in maintaining a peace of mind:

As the entire headache of payroll system starting from calculating, updating, generating and distributing the payment is taken care of by some trusted system, you can have a peace of mind and can easily access your payroll system at your convenience.

Comes with multiple packages:

From cost aspect, it will not load on your pocket much. There are various plans starting from $25 per month for a small company having 1-5 numbers of employees to $259 per month package of a company having bigger manpower. To see how exactly the pricing strategy varies, visit the payroll system of e-PayDay software on http://www.e-payday.com.au/cloud-payroll

Cloud payroll system not only reduces the cycle time and manual errors but also takes care of many complex tasks such as processing direct deposits, voiding payments, calculating withholdings and printing pay-checks all in a single time frame. Therefore, it is always better to employ this auto tasking software to get avoid the biggest financial challenges of your company.

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